How can I set different authorisation level for different users?

Hi all,

How can I set different authorisation levels for different users?
There are some data or actions certain user does not need to use.
How do I do that?

Thank you

Hi @chenhan.lee3t05r, do your users have to sign up to use your app? And what do you want the authorization levels to be based on; what determines a user’s authorization?

The users have to sign in. There will be a superuser who can set the authorisation levels according to their role and responsibilities in the organisation.

Thank you

Hi, you can use several screens to separate the functions according to the groups. If your organisation is large or you are building an app to be able to scale up in the future, I suggest you use Airtable to maintain a list of users (maybe passwords also) and their associated rights to access the several screens. In simple words, your app will start with login page, then check the Airtable for user credential and rights, then allow access to the various screens using conditional blocks. For the superuser, a screen can be created to add/edit/remove the users list on the Airtable or he can directly manage it from the Airtable from any computer or phone browser directly.

I’ve done that for a group of investors and its not difficult to do.