How can i send data in a POST request?


I am not a beginner. I wanted to create an app to post a message and get the result.
But with the POST block, the curl command -d is not possible. I know we can send values through the URL but for this API the URL for every action is the same

Hello @vishruth-ram!
Could you please share the curl you have?
And we can help you with the implementation.

curl \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{ "prompt": { "text": "Write a story about a magic backpack"} }' \

Hello @vishruth-ram
The WebAPI needs to be like this:


Hi @ioannis I tried it in several ways but it always gives me null

Hello @vishruth-ram!
Have you added your API key?


I tried with a get request.

@vishruth-ram what was the response?

On [postman, ok