How can I make a break in the block until the deleterow or getrow is done

I use some airtable blocks.
But I have this problem, that the program continue before the deleteRow or getRow is done.
How can I solve this???
I think I have seen a way to do it but can not find it in the forum.

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Hi, @funhall! :wave:
I have experienced this a lot.

Here’s the solution -

In the first big block, Airtable.GetColumn, drag everything, including the cout_with_i loop, below the set APP length_date to length_of_column. & everything goes the same…

I have made some blocks for u, have a look at them -

The Key

When u add block below blocks, the compiler starts every block simultaneously.
Example, if u take for loop and add a Spreadsheet get column, the app will start the for loop, and immediately it will call get column. The for loop continues it’s work, & simultaneously the get_column continues it’s work.
What we expect is, when the for loop ends completely, then only get the column. It does not do that.
So, add all your blocks in the then do area - (as the name suggests, when the function ends completely, then only the proceeding blocks are started :wink:)
The count loop should be inside the then do area.

Hope I helped you! :smile:

Thanks a lot!

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yes that was helpful thanks.
But in the example in the picture below has two get data blocks below eachother. It wont work if i place them as picture nr. 2

picture nr. 1

picture nr. 2