Delete all rows block not working well

Hi, there is a problem with the delete all rows block. All the blocks that I put inside and after this block are not executed. Some days ago it was working well.

Does anyone know why this happens ?

Can you please share your code (blocks)?

Those are my relevant blocks.
When I remove the ‘delete all the rows’ block and I use only all the blocks that are inside, they execute correctly


Can you set a breakpoint i.e. a vibration block right before the “for each item” block to see if that causes your device to vibrate? Just to ensure that the logic gets to that point.

I just tested that and the vibration did not run.
But I just created another ‘data viewer list’ similar to the previous one and with this last list the block works fine. I don’t really know why that happened, a few days ago it worked well. I’m going to delete the old one and work with the new one.

Thank you very much for your help anyway.

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