How can I integrate an SDK file into an app built with Thunkable?

I would like to work with a company that has already built a native app and has an SDK.

We would like to add their SDK to our app built with Thunkable.

It can be done?
If so, how?


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Not possible as far as I know.

If the SDK does not have CORS issues, you can build a JavaScript file and interact with the Thunkable app by using the Web Viewer Extensions.

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Yes! Great point, @muneer! I have incorporated Firebases Firestore SDK into a Thunkable app with this method. It’s not #nocode and you need to know code :man_technologist: BUT, you can definitely do some cool things with this method! I’d like to try and push the limits next year with the webviewer! I invite you all to do the same!!!

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I wish Thunkable really think about introducing a block to evaluate JavaScript expressions (execute JS code). The Web Viewer is good and has its own uses but I wouldn’t use it just to convert seconds since 1970 to a proper date and vise versa.

The Web Viewer is heavy enough to discourage anyone to use it to execute a single line expression in JS.

Sorry for the late reply.

The other company has completely changed jobs and integration with my app is no longer required.

Thanks for the reply

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