Hidden Gems not yet in the release notes

So, today I noticed:

Orientation is automatically switching on downloaded apps

Web viewer has a new block available that says POST

what i haven’t looked for yet: The multi-line list viewer

Thank you #TeamThunkable

but when I tried this, it made my app stop functioning
i rotated landscape, back to portrait, to landscape (screen was half cut off), to portrait (buttons and bottom tab navigator stopped working, and then all i could do was scroll.

it also messed up the width/height of the bottom tab navigator


Thanks @jared :smile:

Was this on Android or iPhone?

@Garry_Lane I believe the screen orientation is iOS only, or at least it was when it first came out.

Multi line list viewer was never looked into though I did report the issue. https://github.com/thunkable/thunkable-issues/issues/498

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Still iOS for now @Garry_Lane - but I think when the platform is upgraded this week it will make it possible to start working on Android support again. :crossed_fingers:


Thank you @domhnallohanlon. Really love the work you guys are doing.

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