Help with publishing to iOS

Is there anyway I could pay for some live support. I have been very frustrated with publishing to the App store. I think someone live could answer my questions and guide me through. There’s just something simple that I am doing wrong. I’ve looked in all the posts, taken the tutorials. I’ve been 3 days trying to publish my first app for my elementary school. We go back to online teaching tomorrow and I probably won’t have that much time to keep troubleshooting. I’d be more than happy to pay with PayPal. I just want to get this project done so my school community can have access to this app.

Hey @rrredmond5134! Can you reach out to me via my website. This is something that I offer.

Hey @rrredmond5134 :wave:

Apologies for the delayed response, we don’t monitor the #off-topic section of the community too closely because it’s not really intended for questions about #thunkable-cross

Just wanted to follow up in relation to a couple of things:

All PRO users get access to chat support, it’s the little bubble in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. I can see from our system that you sent a couple of emails but haven’t used the chat support yet.

I had a look at the build logs just now too. I can see a number of successful iOS builds but I don’t see any entries related to publishing (successful or otherwise)

Would love to help you get this project over the line if it’s still something you’re interested in pursuing let us know.


We also have a #teachers category in the community and a dedicated group for Thunkable Educators.

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