Help with banner bug

Hi all,

We have 3 screens which we’ve made a top banner bar for each. The setup of the banner bar is a row containing a few rows with components in each (image, label, button with a cover image). Below that we have another row containing an image (grey gradient image).

On our Home and Cafe screens, the banner bar is not displaying properly. See issue below.

iOS Home and Cafe screens:

Android Home and Cafe screens:

The Android order screen formats perfectly on Android and is exactly what we want.

iOS left, Andriod right.

All three of these screens’ banner bars have the exact same setup. Everything outside of the banner bar is contained within a row, so anything within it shouldn’t be causing issues. All screens are within the bottom tab navigator.

Can provide more detail is necessary. Any help much appreciated as we’ve been struggling with this.

Thanks Thunkers :slight_smile:

It might be the backgroundImageResizeMode property @loyaltapdevtpih - if you change that to contain (or maybe cover) will that work for you?