Help to parser json and put it in a listview

I’m trying to put this json in a listview.

with the blocks that I have, I can recover an element.
How can I recover them all and put them in listview?


How about having multiple “Label” (Labe2, Label3, etc…) each assigned to a different “get property” (i.e. 1, 2, 3) as opposed to only getting 0?

I mean, you are getting property 0; ask for the other ones.

With this other json that I receive, I have done it this way and it works.

thank you for your suggestion

the label1 is only for tests

and the variable appsearchstring is for the bar that I’m going to put to filter the listview.

So why don’t you do it that way since it works?

I’m already doing that, but I was trying to do it directly from object

Then set your “from List_Viewer set text items to” input to the result of your processing that removed the unwanted {.
I presume that listaclientes2 is setting “from List_Viewer set text items to app listaClientes”, right?

You can cut the middle man and assign the result directly.
In fact, you may not even need the ‘app listaClientes’ variable, you could take the whole <<in text response replace all " " " with " " >> block and put it where you have the “app listaClientes” in the second filter (the one that removes the open curly bracket).
By the way, if the “{” are seen as a problem, why aren’t the matching “}” a problem as well?