Best and correct way to read a json response and parse to list

I have a json response from Web Api component. What could be the correct way to populate a empty list with the 5 elements (could be any number) of selPer property?



Alejandro Castrejon

scrJSON - how to work with JSON and List Viewer


I made this demo screen

When starts call the web API

Receive a Json result

I read the sePer property of json to app variable called json_rfc and show the result in a Text Input component

When I try to make the list from the variable json_rfc does not works

But when I make the list from the Text Input text its works fine

Its that a bug from thunkable or I miss todo something?

You have an error in the blocks, because you’re trying to JSON from a list to make another list. The variable “app json_rfc” you have is a list. You get it?


Brackets indicate that you have an array (list) of nodes

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Yes. I use it like a list and woks fine.

Thanks a lot

You are great

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