Help! please! can i change variable name?

Can you help me? I am building a project in which it is necessary to change the variable name - the type of the cloud variable, and I need help. I do not know how to do this. I tried to do it, but without success.

What did you try?

blah!, click the white space nd change the name! or you device may had a problem :cry: :slightly_frowning_face: :sob:

You mean the user or app for this?

I don’t remember exactly how I tried to do it.

The user enters the name of his cloud variable, and the name changes.

Change the name in the app itself! And not just change the variable name through blocks!

Use Dynamic variabeles.
They allow custom names from users.

Variable names.

try using this block:

it will change the value

hmmm the default name is name just delete it and type the name
or read the docs
try using this block:
this will change the value!