Help needed in Event Manager

Can someone help me with a code for event management.

Hi @Sarada_Konda, apologies for the delayed response.

Can you be a little more specific about the events that you are trying to handle? Is it something like a button press event?

Actually I am trying to create an app for creating events(like music concert) and display the events to the users. I want to show pictures and videos of event and location also. I want to use firebase for DB. Can you please help?

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Wow, that sounds really interesting. What sort of apps have you built already?

I have built apps for live tutoring and student management for schools (but in App Inventor 2).

Cool, they sound really interesting too actually!

Have you considered what component you’ll use for your backend, and what sort/types of data you will be storing there?

Sorry for the late reply…
I am thinking of saving event name, and location
Event name is done but how to store location??