Help! My Project file was corrupted

When I tried to go edit my project today, I found that when I click in, it shows a blank screen:

Secondly, when I tried to duplicate the project for recovery, it shows that the file is corrupted:

Please help thunkable staff: @domhnallohanlon @jane to help me recover it as values a lot, thanks.

Project info:
Name: OneTick data view Final
Copied and Remixed: 85 times
Last edit: 11/6, 5:47 PM (UTC+8)

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Anyone can answer

Please be patient. When someone can answer they will do so.

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I have an old remix as I remixed it once but forgot to check it and give you a review.

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Thx @muneer

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Can any thunkable staff help on this situation to recover the project completely: @domhnallohanlon pls

Please stop spamming and just be patient.

I need help ASAP cuz I’m rushing to hand in this project, sorry for spamming

Everyone always needs help ASAP but that doesn’t give them the right to spam.


You can wait or you can contact Support by other means if you have a Pro account. But even then, their response on a weekend is not going to be immediate, probably not same day.

When I work in Thunkable, I make many copies of a project as I update it. That way I always have a backup in case something goes wrong. This is good practice for the future.

I’m going to close this topic because you are spamming posts.