[RESOLVED] I deleted my project by mistake!

PLEASE CAN Thunkable Staff or anyone else help me recover my project!!! I spent far too long builidng it!! I was deleting the remixes of other projects to create space in my account but i deleted my main project by mistake!!! I can stiol preview it in my thunkable live… and the functions work! Please if there is any way if thunkable servers have an auto backup pls can you help me recover? Thanks. @conroy33 is it possible?

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I have the project’s .APK file and my project’s link. It is still open in my browser and i can work on the project but i cannot share or duplicate it…

Most projects are unable to be restored after they are deleted. Can you share the project URL here and one of us can try to remix it if you are unable.

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I did try remixing the project but it says that the project doesn’t exist… I even tried duplicating it but it gives the same error.

However, it’s my mistake for not reading the instructions and actually i am redeveloping the app with a newer approach which actually reduces the load on the device. So it’s kind of like a blessing in disguise!

Thank you though @jared @conroy33 .
Happy New Year everyone! :bouquet: :bouquet: :fireworks:


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