Deleted Project

Hiii, I have created an educational app for assignment purpose and it took me about a month to finish it. However, when I tried to open it later this day, my project is nowhere to be seen but I have never deleted the said project. It just suddenly disappeared from the dashboard. Is there any way to recover it? I have to submit the app by today and there is no time to rebuild everything again in less than a day. Please help me and thank you so much for your time.

Edit: We rebuild the app and received deadline extension :grimacing: might be some glitch or bugs or our own mistakes without realizing

Are you 100% sure you logged in with the correct credentials?

Edit: Is it the Math Quiz?

Yes I did log in with correct credentials. And no, not the math quiz. The project’s name was BINGSU APP. The thing is the other projects were there but the one that we are working on is gone. However, we have started rebuilding it again and have asked for deadline extension from our professor.

I can see BINGSU but it may have been corrupted as it doesn’t load correctly. I don’t know if that’s a problem just on my side but perhaps someone else can check and confirm.

Good luck with your project, even if you do have to rebuild it.

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