App Disappeared

Please can an admin see if they can recover an app for one of my students. It just seems to be totally corrupted and nothing comes up when she goes into it.

If someone can email me with a fix it would be much appreciated. This is urgent as it’s a major grade for her CS class due this week.

I should have added that the app we are trying to recover is the one called depression.

Could this be same issue @conroy33

@martint Thanks for flagging this, it may well be. I will have to take a deeper look at their project to find out. Regardless, @f510b22377bf48, we will see what we can do to restore this project.

Thanks… can you email me if it is restored. I have the girl in my next class in 10mins.

Please have you managed to recover this I need to know the child’s grade depends on it and I may have to get her to redo her project if you cannot recover it.

We are working on a fix for this issue and a way to restore the projects that were lost. Please hang tight and we will update you once this has all been fixed and restored.

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