All projects of one of my students dissapeared

First of all, I´m a teacher from Chile and my english is a little broken, sorry for that.
We have been using Thunkable to learn how to code for a while now. Today one of my students was opening a project he was working on it for months and then the “your project has been deleted or made private” message appeared. I saw how it happened and he did not deleted it. After that when we went back to open one of his several back ups, they where all gone, and we can’t figure out a way to recover them.
I saw some post about similar issues and most of those ask for a link to the proyect (we don’t have that) or to send the affected email as a PM to a Thunkable Staff. My question is who should i contact to send the student’s email? (he cant make a post because he doesn’t know english)

Thank you.

Hello @rodrigocamposo8rpac! Welcome to our Community!
Thank you for reaching out.
I am sorry for your student’s issue.
Could you please send me a personal message with the student’s email to investigate the issue?