Help me to save data of this game!

hello, I am 10 years old Iโ€™m trying to do a game
the game is would you rather!
and I made many screens
each screen have a question and a button to the next screen until all of the screens finish,
but my question is, where to save the answers, my dad told me to use Airtable but he is busy now, i have registered in Airtable site, but I donโ€™t know how to use it
help me please!

Hey @daniadalank!

Youโ€™re doing great!! Here is a handy tutorial on how to set up your airtable account with thunkable !! -->

If you need any further help keep posting here! :slight_smile:

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Hello and thank you , did exactly what is written in this doc page but I canโ€™t find any saved data in Airtable am gonna send you my game project

Ok cool!

I see what you did :slight_smile: Let me help you a little bit but I want you to learn how to code it! Does that sound good?

First just checking you have your API key set? Be sure to add you API key, BaseID, TableName, and View Name correctly.

First you have to set your columns names

Then to save some blocks I would save the answers in variables like so :slight_smile:

Once you have all the answers then the last step is to add them to your data base :slight_smile:

Remember the name are case sensitive! :slight_smile: and use the error tag to know if you have any problems with your blocks :slight_smile:

Good luck! :slight_smile: