Help in an arrow shooting game


I’m a beginner at Thunkable and have tried to create an arrow shooting game-

However, once the arrow collides with the edge, the new arrow which is created does not shoot.

Please please please someone help me!!! i’m totally stuck :’(

welcome to our community @kriti.goelpe!! :smile:
don’t try creating new sprite just make the sprite that is already maked by you to its original place
here i have done it for you

Happy Thunking! :smile:

Thanks a Lot for helping out!

But still when the arrow goes back to its original position, it starts moving down…

Can u please help me fix that too?

wait i will check

please check now


Now the arrows keep shooting themselves… :frowning:

yes that will happen why are you trying continuously shoot the arrow make the arrow shoot only when they want to shoot

Umm, the arrow should shhot only if player presses the ‘release button’…

yes that is what i am trying to say

Sorry for bugging so much, but the code already has that part coded as an event-

When button1 pressed, set speed of arrow to 100

This works for the first time, but not the second time when the arrow reloads…it keeps shooting

so how you want keep shooting it or just when they press it

It should shoot only when u press the release button.

My idea of game is to add some sprite targets, which the player will target at.

So, once he shoots the 1st arrow, the bow reloads and the player can aim again and shoot by pressing the release button

i have changed it try now

Thanks mate!!!

Let me go through the code and try to understand it :sweat_smile:

sure and Happy Thunking!!:smile: