How do I make a restart button?

how do I make a restart button? When the game ends, my screen changes to lose. How to make it so that when I change the screen to lose, I can click on the “one more time” button and all the sprites from the 1st screen would return to their original location

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This post is very similar. Are you using 2 names in the forum?

Hello, is this prohibited?
If you know how to solve this problem, I will be very grateful.

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Having multiple accounts is not prohibited. Spamming the forum with the same question multiple times is not ethical.

Your question is not clear. If you are asking to play the game again then the button should take you the the screen that initialize the variables and sprites.

How to restart sprites? If I use the stop all sprites command?
here is the link to the project, please protest! Get what I mean.

I’m sorry I didn’t know it was not ethical.

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I looked at your project.

You need to use in the Screen Opens, set the speed of the sprite. Like this

Once you do this change the restart button will work.

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