Press the play button again and it will not reset the first screen to play again

Hello, I’m from Thailand. I am facing problem with this. When I press the play button again The screen will not reset and the time will not reset. What should I do?

and when the play button is pressed again The screen will not reset with a time that is not displayed.

I thank you very much for your help.

We need to see the blocks you are using. You can share a project link (and tell us which screen to look at) or screenshots of your blocks.


This is a screen and a block.

And here’s the block of the ShowScore screen.

If you’re not comfortable, I’ve posted a link.

You are using the value of time’s text to count down seconds in your game. You have typed in 22 for that text input’s value but you need to set that value with a block when the Play screen opens (set time’s text to 22).

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Okay.Define a new block or insert it into an existing block.

What should I do when I press play again and let the picture come up and play again?

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