Problem with my projectile shooting in my top down game

I’m currently making a top down game and you are able to fire projectiles with a button at the bottom of the screen. However, while making the projectile fire right when your facing right and down when your facing down, the code just doesn’t seem to work for left and up. I set th projectile’s speed to negative as well and it just won’t even shoot it anywhere. Please help!

Please share a link to the project. It’s hard to troubleshoot this without having access to it.

Any time I have an IF condition that doesn’t seem to be working, I try to isolate the values on either side of the operator (=).

If you try these blocks, I think you’ll see that the values you’re checking for are not the values you’re getting:

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Thank you for the help, I’ll try it out. However I’ve never used label blocks before so I hope I do it right.

Ok I’m already stuck (lol). What does label 1 count as? A sprite?

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Label 1 will show the angle in the direction sprite3 is heading. You change the direction of the sprite by changing it’s angle.

Label1 is just a label component. It has nothing to do with the Canvas.

There are Canvas Labels in Thunkable as well but I chose not to use one.

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Ok I didn’t really get this at first, but now that I used it I figured out why it wasn’t working! Thanks!

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