Laser / Bullet doesnt move towards pointer

Green laser doesn't move toward pointer
This is weird so I will try to explain as best as possible.
I have got a ship in the middle of the canvas, I want the ship to point towards the pointer, Its 90 degrees off. i Changed the Orientation in gimp and in thunkable and that did not work i also tried to change the angle and that didn’t work either.
One More thing i am trying to get the bullet to move towards the pointer on the canvas but it a little random.
I am curious to know whats wrong with the blocks

You can watch the active pointer value this way:

It sounds like you probably need to turn your sprite graphic by 90 degrees to resolve this.

Then again, I’m getting really unpredictable results when I click on the canvas. The values when I click in nearly the same spot repeatedly are sometimes 100 or more degrees different from each other!