Help gathering info from an external source

Hey, I am trying to find the best method possible for gathering and storing user data from an external source. Currently I am using Airtable for my storage solution as seen in the screenshot below but that is currently proving to be inefficient. When holding multiple users Thunkable doesn’t have an efficient block for searching a whole Airtable column for a User Id or any other info then getting that row number to find more of that specific users data. Currently I am using multiple blocks to do so and it is begening to be very slow and clunky. So I am simply wondering if anyone else has any other ideas that would be faster and more efficient.

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Why are you calling Airtable again when you have retrieved all rows. All information is just under your finger tips without the need to call again any particular row.

Just as you checked the user id from the loop with “j” use the same “j” to extract the rest of the columns required. So username and balance are already available in “j”.

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I tried your suggested method before but for some reason Thunable was just pulling null and not the right data. All it was able to pull was the user id and then everything else was null from there until I pulled the data again that second time. I was just as confused as you are lol

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I am certain of what I’m saying and never confused.

Show me the blocks that you said gives only null. I’m sure something wrong with how the blocks are arranged.

Do it like this

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I did this and it returned null.

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Can you first check that there is no error using the green error block and if there is any error then display it.

The error returns as null.

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Will you be able to share a link to your Airtable table (you can send it PM) so I can tested directly?

I understand if you do not what to do that.

Airtable allows you to share a table or the base without having to give away your API keys and at any time you can stop the sharing.

I believe your issue is resolved now. Please mark the post solved.