Help for Firebase data changed event block


I discover teamwork through my applications and the interest and power not yet mastered of this function
my problem ? during the update all devices are affected and I would like the original device not to be affected I use a flag when the user saves data it changes to one and for all other devices this flag is zero and in the update I test this flag
it works whenever it wants, I don’t see what could be missing…

You will need to show how you are doing these things. What blocks are you using?


here are the blocks when the user saves data

and in the data changed block there is this

As far as I can tell, here’s what those blocks do:

User clicks save
→ change mondevice to 1
→ save Firebase data (which triggers the next set of blocks…)

Any Firebase value changes
→ if mondevice=0 → set label to Firebase value
→ if mondevice=1 → change mondevice to 0 (so the next Firebase value change will display the value in a label).

Is that what you expect those blocks to do? If so, what problem are you seeing, exactly? It’s helpful if you use variable names and label names when describing it. So instead of saying “this flag is zero”, you might say “mondevice equals zero” or “check99 shows ‘hello world’.”

absolutely except that sometimes it doesn’t work, that is to say I want a text to be displayed stating that there has been an update only on the other devices but it is also displayed on the device at the origin of the update (its user knows well and already sees the update)

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