Firebase data changed blocks - to go further


I would like to know if we can dissociate the device of the user who saves a modification from the other devices which “receive” this modification
in the current state of my knowledge all devices are concerned. does this mean that the modification is made twice on the device which “creates” the modification

(once by the user and a second time by the data change block)?

Hi @bibbi ,

in several projects I use “cloud” variables, and every time I change a value this information gets progagated to other apps. What is the problem when the source of the change (lets say “value=42”) gets the information that value changed to 42?


I rather use the blocks

but the principle is the same
I may see problems where there are none.
although I use firebase in everything I do I do not master it is clear

Are you asking for DnD or StP?


i’m asking for StP


I was stuck (a loop that I had modified without realizing), I began to doubt in these cases it is better to take a break

thanks for your attention

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