Change firebase url with blocks

I need to change firebase url to avoid so many “when firebase datachanged” calls and only get data when a tag of chosen url changes. (example: url / room1) … is there a way to do this from the blocks?


Can you explain more?
Have you added a listener and now don’t want to see the changes of this listener anymore?

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i think he wants to change the firebase url with blocks as it is located in app settings


Which URL?
Database URL, then no

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in firebase I have a “data” key … when the screen starts the text of label 14 automatically changes to “undefined” but there was no change in realtime db so that the value of the text changed

Where else are you setting the value of Label14?

Just as a test, if you put a “vibrate” block above the “set Label14’s Text to” block and test this in Thunkable Live on a device, does the device vibrate when the screen opens?

yes, the device vibrates with that block above the “set text label14” …

Before it said “undefined” with other blocks inside getproperty of object (I put the wrong image), but with the blocks as they are in the image this warning appears:
“something has gone grow, check your blocks and reset”

update: the undefined value I could already solve it, the problem was that the data in firebase had been put as objects (with create objects with fields),
But the only problem I have now is that when I start the screen the codes “when realtimedb changed” are executed without there being any change in the database, will it be a thunkable problem?

But you’re saving a value to firebase. I’m pretty sure that will overwrite the existing value even if it’s already 22. Try this without the Save block.


yes, but without the save block anyway the label changes as soon as start the screen

Label14’s Text changes to the value in “data2/sd” when the screen starts? And if you remove the “set Label14’s Text to” block, it doesn’t change?