Help create a gift card app


I need a gift card app for our shops and I’m doubting if I should build it myself or hire someone. It needs to be done this weekend. The app is fairly simple because it’s only for internal use in our company:

  • The gift card codes and balance are stored in a Google Sheet.
  • The app is protected by a password. Each store logs in with a different user account.
  • When a user logs in they can enter or scan (barcode) a gift card code to see the balance.
  • If the customer uses a portion or all of the balance then the amount is entered by the store clerk and it is subtracted from the balance in the Google sheet.

That’s it. No new gift cards or user accounts need to be created with the app. It’s just scanning the cards and entering the spent amount.

Let me know if anyone has the time and what your price is.

@emlee703 I am not sure why you are asking for my help. The user has posted this in the correct category. They are asking for Freelance help. If one of our Freelancers is interested, they will reply.

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Hello @info99xad6

Sorry i just had the chance to see this message.
Are you still looking for help?

I’m available and have already few apps using barcodes