Health app - BMI Calculator
Know that you are overweight or not. It will help a lot.

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Are you a whjr student?

This is totally false and potentially dangerous.

BMI does not tell you accurately if you are overweight or not. It’s just a bad way of figuring it out.

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@Dean_Artis Can you explain a bit? I’m curious why you said that and what your source is.

The CDC does list BMI as a possible indicator of obesity:

“Body Mass Index (BMI) is a screening tool for overweight and obesity.”

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A bodybuilder will have a high mass and show as overweight.

In fact many muscular people will show as being overweight even though they aren’t.

Naturally slim or skinny people show up as being underweight even though they aren’t.

BMI is ok for people who aren’t big boned, muscular, or naturally big or small.

My wife is underweight according to her BMI. I am overweight.

However, we are actually a normal weight (I’m muscular, she’s slender). So it’s not accurate enough for everyone.

Also from your link:

Note: For individuals, BMI is screening tool, but it does not diagnose body fatness or health. A trained health care provider should perform appropriate assessments to evaluate an individual’s health status and risks. If you have questions about your BMI, talk with your health care provider.


Yes, absolutely!

Thanks for the info.