Fun Share - MediScore generic medical calculator

i was browsing the hundreds (literally) of medical calculators at and i noticed that many of them have the same format. they ask a series of weighted questions that can be answered by simply clicking a button. (the answer you supply is assigned a value internally)

after all questions are answered, the test shows the result of your score (sum of the points assigned to your answers) and based on a graduated level of values, it may show a risk factor, sometimes a severity level and other times a textual description.

i thought it would be a nice challenge to write something in thunkable that can handle this kind of format - stored in 2 google sheet tables: one containing the questions, the other containing the weights and levels during interpretation.

here are a few snapshots

(the last one is a theme selector - i decided to include it, just for fun).
In this app, i did not use the google sheets as data source - i’ve used them as relational tables that could be queried (almost SQL like) using Google Visualization API Query Language.

here are the sharing links for the the google sheets:



finally here’s the project link:

Disclaimer: this tool should not be the sole tool for the diagnosis and healing process. the experience and judgement of the medical practitioner should always prevail ultimately . i created this only for educational purposes.


Super cool!!!

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