Glasgow Coma Scale App

Hello thunkers, have successfully completed my second app. Its a tool to calculate level of brain function that is used in emergencies, particularly for neurosurgeons. Check out and give feed back.

Also I am attaching the aia file, if anyone wants to have a look!

Thanks in advance!!

(34.3 KB)



nice app you created there :wink: I think it would also br great if you would not just display the GCS but also the according description in the result :wink:

and maybe you could also add the numbers to the selector :thinking:


Hi @Chris Thanks :blush:. Actually, the score is self explanatory. Anyway thanks for advice. Will do it in the next update :slightly_smiling_face:.

I didn’t get you. What you meant by adding numbers to the sector??

yes it is if you are a paramedic / medical staff and know the values but for example if you are learning it or like me - I am a paramedic but since we do not usually learn/use this scheme I don’t exactly know the values and their meanings :wink:

I meant in the drop down menu you could also add the values :wink: just for visibility/learning purposes again

Oh, sorry. It was actually meant for medical professionals only. So, didn’t bother to explain everything in detail. Anyway, will also include all that in separate section next update. Thanks for advice!