Header or Footer template for all screens

Maybe I’m missing something very obvious, but is there some option where I can make a header or footer that will persist across all screens?
This is so I can make a change to one and they all change accordingly.

I’m not talking about the top navigator or anything like that, I want something with more details like how the bottom of a website would have social media links, blog links, webinar links, google reviews, email subscriber text input. I want something similar to that, but it wouldn’t make sense for me to have to make changes to every single screen for the same content over and over.

Thanks for any help

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We don’t have anything like “element classes” or “reuseable elements” yet. (Someone should make a feature request!)

What you can do is duplicate a component on one screen and drag it to another via the element tree on the design screen.

Does that work for you for now, @overshield ?


It’s been requested before and I think it’s a great idea to have templates or “all screen” properties.

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In that case, you should all go comment on that thread. The more vocal our users are about particular features the more we are likely to look into them! We are a user led platform, after all!


No for now this wouldn’t really work, because if I needed to make changes they wouldn’t update across other screens. However, I did consider making a default screen, and just make all the other components work as slaves to that default based on blocks & properties. In this case, any changes would persist, the biggest problem then would be any changes that can’t be codes with blocks, such as margins, hint text colors, things that aren’t currently able to be changed with blocks.

I’ll go comment on the thread now and hopefully we’ll get some progress on it soon.

Thanks guys for the help

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You could use vars to change the labels to the var’s value. That way, it would change when a new screen opens.

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Ya but there’s not a way to capture the changes you might make to margins, hint text colors, that sort of thing

I’ve now found another problem when cloning a screen from the saved screens… all the names copy as well, where normally Thunkable won’t allow duplicate names of components, this forces the names to copy, which also seems to cause some undesirable effects.

One idea, though not always ideal, would be a single page app and hiding/showing different groups of components.

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