Components on different screens

Hello all,

I have a component that is on different screens. For the moment I am duplicating the component (image) but I wonder if I can call a component design in a screen into another screen. or if I need to duplicate it in the second screen ?
for 2 screens it is not a big deal but if I need to do it for 5 or 10 screens it is another story.


You need to do it manually unless you want to duplicate the entire screen.

Any time I’m considering creating the same setup on more than a couple screens, I wonder if it’s possible to do the same thing on a single screen.

Why do you need so many screens with the same image?

in fact one of my customer want to have its logo on the top of the app and I cannot make the app on a single screen :frowning:

he also want a back button, a profile and a log out. For the logout and the profile I manage to do it in a menu but not for the logo.

Another solution would be a background image that is the same for all screens…
I am exploring different solution but I wonder what is the best practice in that case.


You could create the basic screen with background image and a button or two and then duplicate the screen or you could just add the logo manually to each screen.


But it’s not possible to ‘duplicate’ screens. You need to save it as a screen, which according to me is a big time-taker.

In what way? It probably takes me 30 seconds to save a screen and then add a new screen from the saved one.

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It’s not just the time. This has been discussed before but I find it really confusing to have about invisible components duplicated as well. Once, I needed to duplicate a screen 5 times and ended up with a bunch of invisible components I didn’t want.

I wish there was a way to actually duplicate screens, without having to save them.

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I think that it’s also depending on the use case. So no universal solution :wink:
Thanks for your help

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