Can I Duplicate UI Components?


You can duplicate blocks, but cannot duplicate components in Design. How do you duplicate components with the same settings?

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Hey @talkingtree!

At the moment this is not possible - and in many cases it might not even be necessary?

How many components are you looking to duplicate, and how many copies do you want to make?

I’d recommend you take a look at @Darren’s tips to reduce screen-count here:

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@domhnallohanlon thanks for the link

I was trying to create multiple sets of the same labels, but each label is attached to a different variable name (on and off)

Below, all these buttons need to be converted into a grey color, using the same margin and height, tedious to create the same thing and remake multiple times

This is just like the Switch component, however, I cannot change the Switch picture

Ah, ok - then the video above isn’t probably relevant to your specific use case.

For seven buttons like this you’ll have to do them manually.

Just FYI, we also have an example of creating custom toggles in #thunkable-cross-tutorials here:

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It would have been good if you could duplicate designs😃


@domhnallohanlon ok thanks for the Toggls

@point yes

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