[Design] Repeating design elements and corresponding blocks

Hello everyone,

I have different screens with many main design elements grouped composed by 3 buttons and 3 labels that repeat many times in the scrollable screen, every time you press a button a set of actions happen on the connected label, and this has to happen for all the different main design elements, is there a way to create this without creating the corresponding blocks for every main design elements group?
I can do it but the blocks screen gets heavy
From community.thunkable.com

Hi MaxB!

Unfortunately Thunkable X doesn’t have any blocks that allow for general “when any Button is pressed, do…” functions, but I can show you a way to make a function like this as easy to manage as possible.

If you check out this sample app, you can “order” as many regular Thunkable Beavers or Thunkable Hero Beavers as you like. While the function “set Label” can get unwieldy if you have many options, it is also neatly arranged into one “if” block per unit, making it easier to add and remove items from your menu without worrying about leaving blocks behind in your app!

Check it out and let me know if you think it’ll work for you.



Thank you, i went from this:

From x.thunkable.com

to this:

From x.thunkable.com

saved few blocks and got more organized, so… thank you :slight_smile: :+1:


BTW, I wanted to ask; this is just for one ‘section’ of the screen, I will have to repeat it 10 or more times, is it gonna be too heavy? Is it heavy on the editor cause my pc is not super powerful?

Hi @maxb, when you say

Do you mean you will have the same blocks or UI on 10 different screens?

Similar sections in UI but with different buttons, so I have to repeat many blocks (3 buttons and 3 labels)

Take a look at Darren’s tutorial that came out yesterday:

I don’t have many screens, i have many elements in one screen
I already made a solution reusing one screen with different variables but I prefer to have elements in the same screen without opening a new one