Have an Great Idea For Thunkable and Thunkable X

Hello Thunkers and Thunkable I have an great idea for thunkable and X according to me if it is launched it will benefit to all , and I think lot’s of people need this feature the feature who has not been think and it is also not in any website .
But For idea i need something .
But I promise if it’s my problem then it is all problem

This is the Thunkable Classic community. Just change tag to #thunkable-cross

Giving ideas in exchange for something does not suit me.


You should try and contact thunkable team directly with a PM and tell them more about your idea and what you expect to gain from sharing it.

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Ok you tell me if you have got very good idea then what would you expect from thunkable

Depends on the idea, but I am not Thunkable team member, just a simple community member.

The only thing I can tell you is


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where i can contact


@ Thunkable (without the space…)

Just curious… it’s a great idea or it’s a problem to be solved? :thinking:


Hi there,

I have an excellent super idea for free - add the function of injecting native code into the project, as it is done for Java in Makeroid! :sunglasses:

I ask all of you deeply to excuse me for the erroneous information. This feature is implemented in Sketchware!

if you have a “great idea” and want to share it to make a service better do so. If you do not want to share it then build a service yourself, implement your “great idea” and don’t annoy everybody with your “but for telling I need something” post!!!

You cannot expect somebody to pay you or do you a favour just because you might have a good idea…