Happy New Year 2019 ๐ŸŽ‰

Happy new year to all our incredible community members and Power Thunkers - 2018 has had some wonderful moments and I know that 2019 will have even more!

I was just looking back over some old posts and was amazed to see the growth in the community this year. Welcome to all members, new and old.

For me, one of my personal highlights was seeing the ingenuity and creativity in the App of the Month competitions.

One goal I have for 2019 is to grow this idea into something bigger and better. (Watch this space!)

What about you? What are your app building and publishing goals for 2019? How will you take your Thunkable app to the next level? Maybe by promoting it to more users or perhaps a design update with better UI and improved features? If youโ€™re new to Thunkable, maybe your goal is just to have your app installed on one device?

Either way Iโ€™d love to know.


Thunkable Team,

Thank you for everything you have done to create and support this product. I am a high school teacher and have switched over from AP Inventor 2 to Thunkable in one of my Units because so many of my students have iPhones. They are much more engaged when creating for the platform they personally own. So, my new โ€œgoalโ€ for the year that involves Thunkable is to dedicate 14 class days to Thunkable vs. the previous 3 day โ€œquickieโ€ we did before.

Having said this, it would be nice if you could do some of the following early this year to help me (us) out:

  1. Support canvas and sprites in iOS so we can do games.
  2. Suppport features such as the accelerometer, and others, in iOS.
  3. Add more Cross Platform videos that address the more advanced features in more detail โ€“ like procedures, various databases, and building a multi-screen app (like Unsure Programmer does for ReactNative with many of his examples and you did for Pong on Classic).

Keep up the great work!


Happy new year all ( Belated :wink:

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Thanks @Lee_Nicholson!

This sounds like an awesome goal, feel free to join our Educatorโ€™s Community to connect with other teachers using Thunkable

  1. The canvas is one of the main components weโ€™re working on at the moment (along with AdMob, Bluetooth, Blockchain and Push Notifications!)

Hopefully these will be rolling out in the near future too, but as you can see from 1. we have a pretty exciting to-do list.

Weโ€™re preparing resources like this right now actually. If you have a specific component or property youโ€™d like us to explore then please let me know.

Thanks! If anyone else has any Thunkable-related goals for their app, their company or their classroom Iโ€™d love to hear them