Hangman tutorial help (App Inventor to Thunkable) - unsure how to "segment text" in Thunkable

Hey there, I am following an advanced procedure and loop tutorial to create a hangman game, but I’m stuck on the following part:

This is what I have so far, but I am not sure how to do the “Segment text” part:

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This block does the same thing as the segment block in App Inventor:

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This is how I wrote it, but it’s not working the way I need it to. It is not revealing any letters that I get right.

I also have an issue where the alert I receive is the message I was suppose to receive from a previous event. Ie: I give a correct letter, the message is blank (initial value), then i give an incorrect letter, and the message states the letter was correct.

In this example, in your conditional statement within the count block. You pose an invalid logic statement.

“If text = “

What would you want text to equal or not equal?

That spot shouldn’t be empty, it is probably what is causing this error

I have tried to complete this conditional statement, but I am unable to replicate what I have in App Inventor.

I am unable to place “length of 1” within the substring argument.

I think you could try this

Jared: How would you eliminate the last x characters of a string? I want to count backwards from the end and drop x characters from the end.

Anything you know would be appreciated.

Thank you

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@gpo this might get more attention as a stand alone post?

Thank you. You solved for me yesterday.


Hello dear, I am trying to make the same app, but it does not working with me for the same reason.
Could you guide me! How you solved the problem?

This is a duplicate comment so I’m closing this thread.