Hangman tutorial help (App Inventor to Thunkable) - unsure how to “segment text” in Thunkable

Hello my friends,
I am trying to make the same app (Hangman) as in the link below.

And I am facing the same problem.

Could anyone help me?

I really appreciate any help.
Thank you in advance

When you create a topic, it’s best if you explain what you’re wanting to do, what you’ve tried (screenshots of blocks are usually really important), and what happens when you do that.

The answer to “how to segment text” was given in the topic you linked to. So I could easily say “just do what it says there” but obviously, you’re having trouble with that. So… tell us more…


I really appreciate you response,
sorry that I forgot to link my blocks.

bl 2

bl 4

We have the opposite problem now… too much information! :rofl:

I appreciate that you posted your blocks. What is it, exactly, you are trying to do? Can you explain it in a sentence or two? I’m guessing it has to do with text substrings but I still don’t know what you actually need help with.

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Thank you for your effort,
I was trying to solve the problem for 1 week, but I am a doctor not a programmer, so your support is highly appreciated .

The tutorial in this YouTube video explains everything.

But shortly:
There is a lable with dashes, which is changes the dashes numbers according to the Word in the list, and this function is working good.
When you type a letter in the text input, the dashes are changed to letters accordingly (not working), just one dash becomes a letter.

Thank you for your help and patience.

I’m sorry, I’m not going to watch a 34-minute video about a different coding platform (related yes, but different) to figure out what you’re needing help with.

This is helpful:

Have you tried to set up the blocks required to do this? If so, please post a screenshot of just those blocks and I can see if I can help you fix them. Also, your screenshots are very small. Perhaps you can post larger ones?

I hope you don’t mind me asking but… as a doctor, why are you choosing to program hangman? Are you aware of the recent Weekend Design Challenge?

I do see a problem right away. It appears that you’re looping through the characters of app variable word and getting the substring of the letter # “number” to the letter # “number” + 1.

You need to know that the substring block works like this:

in text "Earth" get substring from letter #1 to letter #2:


in text "Earth" get substring from letter #3 to letter #3:


So I think you need to change your code so that you get the substring from letter # “number” to letter # “number”. That is, if the variable “number” is 2, for example, you want to get the substring from 2 to 2, not from 2 to 3.

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Thank you very much, I’ll try it in the evening, and I’ll tell you the result.
You the best.

Good evening,
Although the application is not working properly as I wished, you explained how substring blocks work, and that was very important for me. I think, from here, I have to find the best way to us them.

I really appreciate your support, you spent time to solve my problem, and that was great.

Thank you

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