Hanging on first time to open the app

iOS 13.5.1 Thunkable Live App V206

The app hangs (or stops running the blocks) when the user first opens the app (This happens on both Thunkable Live App and downloaded App on iOS)

Steps to recreate:

  1. Delete the App (or Thunkable Live App)
  2. Install the App (or Thunkable Live App)
  3. Open the App (or app inside the Thunkable Live App)
  4. App hangs. (I’m still figuring out on which block exactly but it stops)

If you close the app and open it again then it runs correctly. It’s just the very first time it opens when this happens. This doesn’t happen before so it might be related to the fix last week for the live app crashing.

i have something similar app don’t work correctly on the first open