Guide on Update Label Text

So, my problem when i click on data list viewer to delete row from airtable, it doesnt update on price label.
Need help ASAP :sweat:

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You are not checking the error green block in the delete block. You should first check that the operation generated no error code and never assume that things went well.

Second, you are complicating the Total variable more than it needs to.

You don’t need the app variable All-Item-Sum to be a list. Make it a simple number and start with Zero. Inside the loop you should [set app variable All-Item-Sum to] = [app variable All-Item-Sum] + [j] + 0.
At the end of the loop you should have the total price anyway.
The text named [Label_ Calculation] should go outside the loop because you only need it to display the result not every iteration.
This way you will not need the List blocks inside the loop and no need for the block [sum of list]

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