Airtable Summary


So my app extracts and uses data populated in Airtable, all working well.

Airtable has a summary row at the bottom of the fields… question; can I lift this data into my app?
or do I have to pull airtable down into a list and then sum the list?

Thanks in advance.

Ok guess that’s not possible then.

So alternatively I’m trying to create a list from an airtable column, then I’ll sum the list I’ve create.

If a cell does not have data (number) in it… do I have to do some kind of verification/validation to prevent a an error in the list such as NaN?

Use this component

It will get all values in the selected column and assign it to a list variable.

From the List drawer you can use

To get the total of that column in the table.

You can then repeat the same for each column you want to get it’s total.

Hi Muneer,

Nice, yes this is much cleaner and does appear to form a list of the numbers… my next problem is that the “sum of list” function does not appear to add add the numbers together and give a sum value.
When called it present the list of numbers in sequence…?

The airtable column is formatted as Integer and the data entered are integer numbers.

Can you share the blocks or screen capture to understand the issue better