Calculate the total amount

I stored the price and quantity information in the Airtable and I want to calculate the grand total of the products.

I created two lists to store the price and quantity from the airtable respectively

app individual price stores the price from airtable
app individual quantity stores the quantity from airtable

And i tried to multiply them and sum it up. However, it fails to show in the label.

the result that i want is: 131+551+271+13.91+…

Thank you!!

Screenshot 2020-04-14 at 2.53.09 AM

Have you tried storing your data into lists before running the ForEach block? Im curious if its erasing the previous list information which wouldnt allow it to calculate.


does it show anything in the label?

also, with your grand total in the loop, it wont accumulate values. it iwll instead hold the last value of the last computtation performed.

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Success!!! it shows the grand total for me.

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What did you do to solve it? Could you show your blocks so others might be able to learn from it?