GUI shows errors but no blocks with errors and unable to save

Following the issue last week with the internal ID’s showing for variables, I’ve lost the ability to toggle my hamburger menu on one screen, Barcode 1. It works on the other screens without issue.

I’ve attempted to debug by editing the block to remove the drawer toggle and replaced it with a “navigate: home” block to test if it was the button or the drawer. It worked, so I believe it was to do with the drawer toggle.

I put the drawer toggle back but it still didn’t work on screen Barcode1. As a last resort I deleted the full block (the button click and drawer toggle) and copied the block from a screen it was working on.

I’ve pasted the block to the Barcode1 screen but it hasn’t appeared and I’m getting a warning in the bottom left of the screen for “2 errors” but no visible blocks have an error (even after zooming way out, just in case). I’ve hard refreshed and the errors are still present and clicking on the error warning doesn’t give me any information.

Please also see the screenshot attached which shows when I try to navigate away from the blocks tab. If I copy and paste the toggle block again from another page, it shows the internal ID’s of the variables until I replace them with the correct names in the dropdowns.

Is there a way for me to debug or roll back versions as I can no longer use this page and this is where most of my effort has been?

Thanks in advance,

Would you like to share a copy of your project for others to look at or screenshots of your code in its entirety for that page?

I am getting this as well. Just press cancel and try again.

Thanks @jared I’ve added two screenshots below.

I zoomed out really far and found the offending error block which I’ve deleted but the problem was still present… so I double checked and it turns out I’d moved the screen out of the nav drawer hierarchy. The saving issue is still intermittent but I can continue. Thanks for your help

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I really like the ability to group blocks together but that tends to cause issues for me during debugging. I like to have all of my code in 1 vertical column so i can more easily spot those types of errors. The ups and downs!

it can be difficult to figure it out sometimes. I love this community for the support we provide one another! Please come back and help another sometime!