Guardar actualizar y eliminar datos con la variable nube

ok thank you very much I thought it could be done with firebase so I do it with a list viewer, I’ve been trying but it doesn’t show me on the other screen for example the name, I mean I want that when I save the data it shows me on another screen with the data list viewer.

I did it as in the example but it doesn’t work for me

thanks again for your help much appreciated

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You can create a workaround by creating a Local Table in the project and connect the DVL to the Local Table. In the Screen Opens delete all rows from the Local Table then create a row with the information retrieved from Firebase.

I made changes to the project and if you remix it again you should see a DVL and when you update the profile you will see the changes reflected in the DVL.

Happy Thunking!

I don’t understand much what it means

you can’t with the list viewer either?

You can. The first example I shared with you is saving Notes as a List Viewer. I actually shared two different example, one saving the list in Firebase and the other saving the list in a Stored Variable.

If you plan to show images with the list then you cannot do it with a list viewer. This is why I wanted to show you how to do it with a data viewer.

I already saw the one that interests me the last one that happened I want to save data with the cloud variable and then show it in a list viewer on another screen but I am doing it with the example of the other project but it does not work

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Can you show the content of cloud variable agenda?

Maybe the data stored in this cloud variable is not formatted as a list.

For example, I can NOT show the cloud variable myProfile in a list because it is NOT formatted as a list.

I was guided by the example and I did it like this to save data:

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I did it like this to save data

The data is saved the way Firebase wants it (an object) not a list. Remix my example, I have added a way how to show this (all properties, or only the property you choose) as a list.

I’m saving the data with the example guide that happened, sorry but I still don’t understand, so the block of the save button is wrong? that’s why it doesn’t show in the list viewer

There is nothing wrong. I asked you to share an example project but you did not so I shared TWO projects

  • One project saves data as a list
  • The other project saves the data as an object.

You need to choose what fits the app you want to do. I don’t know your app and cannot help if I do not have enough information. You can choose any of the examples I showed you that you see it better for your app.

Thank you very much for the help I will review the code well

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