Can you create a variable with the set block?

I was wanting to add users without firebase (because I can’t get one of the keys) with the set block to make a variable for the user but when testing login button it doesn’t seem to continue. Did it get created? That was my first question. Maybe it’s not. Can you create one?

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Explanation not clear.
Please show your blocks and what you tried so far.

These are my blocks.
I have no things I have tried from there.

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Cloud variables are saved to Firebase. If you don’t want to use Firebase then you could use stored variables or a local data source. They are both saved to the mobile device.

But if you want your users to sign in to a Thunkable app, then you really should use Firebase.


I fixed the explanation of the firebase “I can’t” thing.

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Even if you do not want to use Firebase the cloud variable will save your data in Firebase so for your code blocks to work, you will need a firebase database and you will need to supply the API key and Database URL in the project settings for your code to run properly.

I added it now, but still won’t work. It showed my error message

Using stored until solution found