Grouping Blocks And Sorting Elements

It would be very helpful if you could arrange blocks into groups. For instance, I have an app that I’m working on where I’m arranging different elements in columns. Depending upon a button push, a column will appear and all other columns will be made invisible. Push a different button, and a different column appears (with it’s own set of elements) and the one that was on the screen before will vanish.

I’d like to be able to group my blocks by which column they are going to be in. So if I’m working on my HomeScreenColumn and I have a series of buttons in that column, they are all grouped together. Ideally, if I’m working in a particular group, only the blocks for that group would be visible, but at the very least, all of the blocks in a group would be positioned together.

The same would be true for the elements that appear on the left side of the page. So instead of seeing a list of elements that are just random, I could have them show up in groups that make sense to me. Even if you could just sort the items alphabetically, that would be a big help. See the picture below:


Agreed. That’d be a great feature, especially with monster numbers of buttons. I’d encourage you to file that as a feature request on GitHub!


Hi there,

This is an interesting request! I’ll echo catsarisky and ask you to file a GitHub feature request. You can learn how to do this here: Report Bugs and Submit Feature Requests in Our Public Github Repository


@catsarisky & @jane , thanks for the feedback. I just put this onto GitHub. Let’s see what happens.


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