Clean up blocks

Not sure where to put this.

If the Thunkable people could think of a function to clean up blocks in two maybe tre column instead of only one it is possible to get a better overview of all the blocks in the big projects.
Or maybe a group function in the view
Also maybe a save block funtion as I often use the text block with 3 to 5 lines. And I always have to make that. It could be nice if I could make that block and save it to the tool bar instead of the other or add it.

Hope you can concider this in a future update please…

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I must say this is a kind of preference. I prefer the single column and very fine with it.

It would be an added advantage of you can choose to sort blocks on 1, 2 or 3 columns though.

yes but with a wide curved screen there is prenty space to 2 or 3 colomn.

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