Grid View images not displaying on Test Flight

When using ThunkableLive everything is ok.
But when I send my app to AppStore then the app looks like this

I have built and sent twice my app

The app works perfectly on Android.

Hey @hernandezsilvaericko - did you try installing on your iOS device before submitting to the App Store?

Did Apple approve your app for publishing?

I did it already. I installed the app on my iOS before sumbitting and it is working fine.

No, I haven’t submited the app, I was using testflight before sumbitting

Is there any additional functionality here? For example, if you click on one of the cards, does it open another screen?

Is that working as expected?

Yes, when you click one card it shows the data retrieved from Airtable. This is working fine when installed before submitting.
When using TestFlight, the images are not working but it appears that buttons and screens are doing their job. Everything is displayed except for the images (backgrounds, icons, data viewers, image components)

It’s strange that it would work on everything except Test-flight. Did you try uninstall/reinstall your app, rather than just updating it?

Yes, I tried uninstalling and then reinstalling my app. I tried this on my iPad and on my iPhone, I got the same result in both

@domhnallohanlon: @hernandezsilvaericko can verify but I believe we have solved this issue in a separate thread.

Correct. Thank you very much both of you

@steven @domhnallohanlon this issue is back