Google Sheets Breaking Change [July 27 2022]

­ Hi There!

On Wednesday, July 27th, Thunkable released an update to the Delete Rows block with Google Sheets. Previously, this block only deleted the values in a Google Sheet, but the row remained. The rows below did not move up, creating potentially empty rows in the middle of your data. This resembled Google Sheets’s “Clear row” option.

With this update, the new behavior will delete the specified row in the Google Sheet. The rows below the deleted row will move up, offsetting every row below the deleted row by 1, which resembles Google Sheets’s “Delete Row” option. ­
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­ If you created a workaround to account for the previous logic, you will need to make updates to your Thunkable blocks to adjust for the corrected behavior.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to if you have any questions.

Thunkable Creator Success Team


Can you give insight of how this will effect the Sheets API usage?

In the upcoming change, every delete means refreshing any/every sheet’s data list available in the app as the row ID would certainly change.

Row id’s should remain the same

row numbers will change.

testing will confirm this but it’s intended to work as such.

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